Getting Started With ownCloud


  • Concerned about the privacy and sensitivity of your data?
  • Want to sync data across multiple devices and operating systems?
  • Dropbox is way too costly?
  • Need a single app to manage your contacts and appointments and more?
  • Want a system to share photographs with your family and documents with your colleagues?

You need some ownCloud awesomeness!

What will you learn from this book?

  • Installing ownCloud on Linux and Windows
  • Choose between SQLite and MySQL
  • Integrate ownCloud with OpenLDAP and Active Directory
  • Configure custom storage backends such as WebDAV
  • Back up ownCloud
  • Migrate or restore ownCloud
  • Load balance ownCloud components
  • Log ownCloud for debugging

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Setting up ownCloud
  • Chapter 2: Usage of ownCloud and its Apps
  • Chapter 3: User Management and Admin Tools
  • Chapter 4: Securing your ownCloud
  • Chapter 5: ownCloud Backup, Restore, and Logging
  • Chapter 6: Load Balancing and HA for ownCloud
  • Chapter 7: ownCloud Application Development

Making your data easily accessible on multiple devices is the primary goal of ownCloud. It gives you control of your own data along with the flexibility to set it up the way you want it. Community backup to the project ensures high quality software and gives you the power to modify and create features.

Getting Started with ownCloud is a practical handbook that provides step-by-step installation and scaling instructions. It will also give you an excellent understanding into how ownCloud can be integrated with components such as LDAP and WebDAV.

This book starts with a basic setup of ownCloud for personal use and then clearly scales out various components of ownCloud with examples This book will also help provide you with the understanding to integrate existing systems such as LDAP with ownCloud.

Starting from the setup on both Linux and Windows using either SQLite or MySQL, we move ahead to show you how efficiently user management can be done using ownCloud. We also look into storage backends and how to enhance the functionality of ownCloud by using ownCloud apps.

You will learn everything you need to know about ownCloud setup and usage for small and corporate scale deployment.


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