ownCloud on Raspberry Pi

Presenting ownCloud-RaspberryPi v0.3 (running ownCloud 7)

What is ownCloud-RaspberryPi?
If you have a Raspberry Pi then you can run ownCloud on it easily. I have a ready to install image for Raspberry Pi based on Raspbian Wheezy (Release 2014-09-09).

What else is there over and above standard Raspbian?
Good that you asked. Here is a list of minor tweaks that I did:RaspberryPi

  • PHP execution time is increased to 240 seconds.
  • Default upload limit of PHP is increased from 2M to 512M.
  • Default POST is increased to 512 M.
  • .htaccess support is enabled in Apache to protect data directory.
  • SSH access is enabled by default.
  • SQLite is used for backend database.
  • Certain packages like Scratch, Oracle Java and Minecraft are removed in order to make more space for ownCloud.

Okay. It all sounds good. How do I use it?
Just follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go in no time:

  1. Download the archived image from in either zip format (usually for Windows) or gunzip format (usually for Linux and Unix like platforms)
    Since I am running on Linux, I would download gunzip format.
  2. Extract it and put it on a SD card using dd or any other tool or command. Check out this article on elinux if you need any help for this. At least 4GB SD card is required.
    I would run the following commands:
    $ gunzip owncloud-raspberrypi-0.3.img.gz  # to extract the gz archive

    $ sudo dd bs=1M if=owncloud-raspberrypi-0.3.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 # to write to the SD card. /dev/mmcblk0 can be obtained by the output of df command.
  3. Put this SD card in your Raspberry Pi and boot. The default credentials are:
    user: pi
    password: owncloud
  4. Run raspi-config and follow the directions to expand the filesystem to enjoy maximum disk space. Reboot, if required.
  5. Run ifconfig to get the ip address of the Raspberry Pi.

That is it. Just open http://<ip_address>/owncloud and create the admin user and explore ownCloud on Raspberry Pi.

Just give me the download link. I’ll find the rest.

ownCloud 7
based on Raspbian Wheezy (Release 2014-09-09)
gzip download: owncloud-raspberrypi-0.3.img.gz
zip download: owncloud-raspberrypi-0.3.img.zip

Older Releases:

ownCloud 6
based on Raspbian Wheezy (Release 2013-12-20)
gzip download: owncloud-raspberrypi-0.2.img.gz
zip download: owncloud-raspberrypi-0.2.img.zip

ownCloud 5
gzip download: owncloud-raspberrypi-0.1.img.gz
zip download: owncloud-raspberrypi-0.1.img.zip

user: pi
password: owncloud

ownCloud looks great. I want to know more about it.
cropped-Getting-started-with-ownCloud.pngI am happy that you liked ownCloud. Check out ownCloud’s community website at ownCloud.org.

You can also buy Getting Started with ownCloud written by me. It talks from basic setup of ownCloud for hobby or personal use to scaling it for enterprise usage supporting very large number of users along with backups, disaster recovery, security and LDAP/AD integration.

The Table of Contents for the book can be viewed here.


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